24 hours

Can you sum up in just 24 hours and create a solution to a given topic?


Do you have what it takes to be the best? Prizes await the top three teams!

3 or 4 members

Gather your dream team and face our toughest challange yet!

8 - 9. APRIL

Mark your calendars, competition starts on 8th of April. Applications are open until the 30th, so better hurry

Student union of mathematicians SUM is holding its third MATF Hackathon ! For the first time ever LIVE at Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade. MATF Hackathon is a 24-hour programming competition where teams of young and enthusiastic people give it their all to create the best software solution to a given theme.
Teams of 3 or 4 members that qualify will have the chance to test their knowledge, skills, creativity and team work on a real world problem, gaining a valuable experience to aid them in their future career. Apart from that, all teams will be assisted by experienced IT professionals, whom, with their knowledge, will show competitors ways to improve their solutions during the short 24 hours. Participants are free to use any technologies they like as long as they are up to the task.


Who can apply and what do teams look like?

All students and high schoolers that are interested in programming, as well as programmers with at most one year experience can apply. Competitiors apply in teams of 3 or 4 members. Each member must write their own application. Team members need not be from the same faculty (or high school).

What does the MATF Hackathon look like?

The competition is split in three parts: the introduction, working time and closing ceremony. During the introduction period, competitors will meet with the sponsors and jury who will introduce this years theme and requirements. Participants will then have 24 hours to develop their solution along with a brief presentation. Each team will have two 15 minute consultation sessions with the jury. During the closing ceremony, competitors will present their solutions to the jury, other participants and all interested onlookers. After the last presentation concludes, the jury will decide the winner within the hour.

Who is in the jury?

The jury is made up of sponsors representatives, MATF professors and one member of SUM.