SUM - Who are we?

Student Union of Mathematicians – SUM is a student, non-profit, non-governmental organization which, with the help of its members and the support of the Faculty of Mathematics, organize projects in the field of mathematics, informatics and astronomy education and student activism. Young and hard-working people, students of the Faculty of Mathematics, started the development of SUM with great enthusiasm, which is becoming a dynamic place for creating new ideas and spreading existing knowledge, through extracurricular activities, workshops and projects. Members of the organization get the opportunity to get acquainted with the way of working in a group, to realize various activities, to develop their skills and abilities, to gain acquaintances with people with whom they will cooperate after graduation, and to have fun and enrich student life.

To provide a functional synthesis of traditional and innovative education, enabling students to acquire applicable knowledge, develop creativity in work, a new approach to problems, and the ability to solve unsolvable problems innovatively.

To become one big dynamic hub where students will exchange knowledge and experiences, and achieve various personal and organizational goals through various extracurricular activities and projects.

-Education of students in the field of mathematics, astronomy and information technology.
-Preparing students to work on real projects in a business environment.
-Developing the individual communication skills of each member, and improving teamwork.

The basis of our organization consists of four teams, which work hard on the realization of all our projects.
1. Corporate Relations team #CR
They represent SUM in a business environment. They are in charge of communication and work with companies, thus expanding the network of partners, and thus providing support in the form of sponsors for our activities.
2. Public Relations team #PR
They are credited with representing the organization on all social networks and media through the creation of digital content, as well as communication with media partners and partner organizations.
3. IT support team #IT
They are in charge of maintaining and improving the SUM website, and in close cooperation with the PR team, they work on the realization of visual solutions for projects and the organization itself.
4. Human Resources team #HR
The task of this team is to monitor the work and achievements of each individual and to enhance the relationships of members in the organization and take care of their professional development.
5. Logistics team
They are in charge of coordinating and managing SUM's resources and organizing the most efficient model for their use, as well as the technical organization of all projects in cooperation with other teams.